Book Review: Maidens & Magic Anthology

Book Review: Maidens & Magic Anthology
February 3, 2018 No Comments » Book Reviews Stephanie Ayers

Title: Maidens & Magic
Publisher: Crimson Edge Press
Genre: Fantasy & Magic
Amazon rating: n/a

Maidens & MagicCrimson Edge Press celebrates the fortitude of heroines in fantasy with their first anthology, Maidens & Magic. An assembly of five original stories, this selection promises to satisfy young adult and adult readers who love dark and dangerous tales. From magical slippers to forbidden books, fantastical realms to apocalyptic worlds, these shorts guarantee to entertain, rouse, astound, and resonate long after the last page has been turned.

The Beaded Slippers: Karen Bovenmyer

Book of Flame: E.C. Jarvis

Death and the Maiden: Sylvia Kelso

It All Began: G.H. Guldensupp

Dead Queen: Jonathan Shipley

Reviewed by: Marissa Sladek

The Review:

Maidens & Magic Anthology edited by Allison Reker is a complete set of short stories of girl power.

Starting with The Beaded Slippers by Karen Bovenmyer, where Sasha learns the true meaning behind her beautifully adorned beaded slippers. As she learns more about the slippers, she learns more about herself. I was drawn in immediately with the wonderful imagery and story line. I wanted to learn more about the power of the slippers and the backstory of Sasha.  I wished the story would have continued rather than end on a cliffhanger as it did, however.

The Book of Flame by E.C. Jarvis transports me to a fantasy land with two friends, Lexa and Dot in search of iron. On their quest, Lexa discovers a secret book that seems to awaken a magic within her. As she and Dot race back to the mysterious cave where they found the book, strange things seem to be happening all around Lexa. She seems to be drawn to fire and they find themselves being followed by a cloaked figure. I wish I could have learned more about Lexa’s adventures.

Death and the Maiden by Sylvia Kelso is a coming of age, of sorts, short story of Moriana. Her family seeks to steal the throne from her and she uses her powers to stop them from doing so. By gaining confidence, she gains control and takes back what is rightfully hers. This was a great story and I truly wish that it would have been expanded to a full novel.

It All Began by G.H. Guldensup is the perfect short story for someone who loves a good sci-fi thriller. Jennifer finds out her roommate is more than he seems and after she learns about his true identity, she learns to empower herself and take back control of her life. The story was the perfect length. I would have liked another story about Paul.

Dead Queen by Jonathan Shipley was a bit harder to follow. It highlights a group homestead survivalists. Libby learned about the supernatural and magic. As those involved used tarot cards, they learned more about their roles in the group and how to harness their powers.

Overall, this was a great group of short stories that harness girl power. I would read it again.

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