Book Review: Hot & Heavy by Sandra Hill

Book Review: Hot & Heavy by Sandra Hill
February 10, 2018 No Comments » Book Reviews A.L. Mabry

Title: Hot & Heavy
Author: Sandra Hill
Genre: Romance
Amazon rating: 4.3 stars

Hot & HeavyMadrene Olgadottir, an 11th-century granddaughter of a once-powerful Norseman, finds herself transported to the 21st century in Hill’s playful follow-up to Wet & Wild. Lt. Ian MacLean and his team of navy SEALs are hot on the trail of Jamal ben Hassan and his nest of terrorists in northern Iraq when they come upon Maddie, stinking of camel spit and who knows what else. Believing Maddie to be Jamal’s mistress, Ian takes her into custody. Cleaned up, Maddie turns out to be a babe, one that Ian (and his “dangly parts”) finds irresistible, so he isn’t too put out when he’s tricked into marrying her to facilitate the government’s cockeyed plan to ferret out terrorists in the U.S. using Maddie as bait. Though one would expect Maddie to be frightened by the high-tech world she’s been dropped into, she views this new world simply as an advanced civilization and takes it all in stride. Few authors can fuse erotica and drop-dead humor like Hill.

Reviewed by: A.L. Mabry

The Review:

I love a good time travel romance so this book was right up my alley. While the story was a little predictable, the humor was not. I found myself laughing out loud page after page. The star couple, Ian and Maddie, had an opposites attract thing going on and their spats kept me on my toes. With a well-developed cast of characters, complete with nicknames and backgrounds such as Esquire underwear model, priest, race car driver, linguist/college professor, and a genius who received his doctorate at the age of eighteen, as I felt as if I was among friends, chapter by chapter.

Maddie’s antics had me wanting to shake her at some times and nodding in solidarity in others as she fought between her heart and her honor. Her misunderstanding of common words and phrases was very funny, and at times ingenious!

Ian’s group of well-meaning friends and his overbearing have an uncanny knack for irritating him as they do their best to see him happy once and for all.

Maddie meets life’s challenge head on until she realizes she’s in over her head. Will Ian come to her rescue or will he decide the little Viking is more trouble than she’s worth?

This is the 5th book in Sandra Hill’s Viking series, yet it read extremely well as a stand-alone novel. I look forward to reading the others and more of Sandra.


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