Track down Monster Huntress in the Exciting Release Tour Starting Today

Track down Monster Huntress in the Exciting Release Tour Starting Today
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Consecrated with her mother’s blood and blessing

Join this exciting YA Epic Fantasy tour today

The world tells Ava she’s just a little girl who should know her place, but Ava wants a sword, not a crown.

Ava and her father are following in her mother’s footsteps, hunting monsters in the 13 Kingdoms, seeking revenge for her mother’s untimely death. Little do they know that the monster responsible is building up a dangerous force. When The King requests the help of Ava’s father in exchange for her becoming a princess, Ava is not pleased. Can Ava escape her fate and the obnoxious prince of Harborg to live the life she’s always known, or will the dark plans of the monster catch her in his trap.

David Wiley combines the action of Tomb Raider with the fantastical elements of The Witcher to create the exciting world of The Young Huntress high fantasy series.

Track down Monster Huntress on preorder today and slay your need for good fantasy.

Join the Epic Adventure and learn more about Ava on our tour!

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