Book Review: Ogre Ogre by Piers Anthony

Book Review: Ogre Ogre by Piers Anthony
April 21, 2018 No Comments » Book Reviews Stephanie Ayers

Title: Ogre Ogre (Book 5 of 39 in the Xanth Series)
Author: Piers Anthony
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Amazon Rating: 4.6

Smash, himself, was part ogre. Although ogres were considered so stupid they could hardly speak, and spent their time eating young girls, seven assorted females had suddenly turned to him for guidance and safety? In Xanth, one visit to the Good Magician Humfrey worked wonders….

Tandy, the daughter of Jewel and Crombie, escapes from a demon by riding a Night Mare to Magician Humphrey’s castle. About a year later, Smash, the son of Crunch the Ogre and and a human curse-fiend, arrives at the castle. In lieu of the normal year’s service to the Magician, he agrees to escort Tandy on her search of Xanth. Along the way, they meet up with a number of characters that become traveling companions, including a centaur, goblin, and a fairy, to name a few. In addition to this, Smash becomes cursed with intelligence!

Reviewed by: Stephanie Ayerss

Rating: 5 Stars


This was my first foray into the world of Xanth, and I was not disappointed. I fell in love with Anthony’s writing through the Apprentice Adept series, and snapped this book up without hesitation.

The book starts off with action right away, as you are introduced to Smash, an ogre that is more than meets the eye. He is sent on a quest to find his Answer and becomes a guardian to a young human/nymph and eventually six more female travellers. Anthony adds humor to his writing, and takes logical things and turns them into magical items, transforming you into a unique and vividly colorful world with descriptions to rival Lewis Carroll and Wonderland.

The great joy of this book is that it almost feels like you are on an acid trip (he also happens to mention acid heads in the story). It’s highly imaginative and creative, a world I plan to visit again and again and again. The story itself moves along at a great pace with one adventure after another, one obstacle after another, in which the members of his small party get a chance to display their own unique talents.

From the flightless John in pursuit of her real name, to a centaur named Chem, this journey across Xanth, and into the gourd, will leave you breathless, applauding, and laughing, even as time slips away from you unnoticed.

“She would have to ride the nightmare in her sleep. Only that would keep it material, or enable her to dematerialize with it.” ― Piers Anthony, Ogre, Ogre

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