Wednesday Words: His Masterpiece by Kimberlee Schmitz

Wednesday Words: His Masterpiece by Kimberlee Schmitz
May 2, 2018 No Comments » Poetry, Storytime Kat Avila

From time to time, one of us will come across something on Facebook and fall in love with it. This guest post is one such example. This poet is a Starving Poets poet of the week, Kimberlee Schmitz. Today’s entry is one of her works of poetry.

image_184126Kimberlee Schmitz is a new poetess from Westchester, New York.  She has lived in New York for her entire life.  She lives with her family and children.  She has travelled throughout the United States. Kim’s hobbies are writing and hiking. She received her A.S. degree from Berkeley College and majored in business management.  She has a background in mortgage banking and education. Kim has enjoyed poetry and literature, especially classics, since childhood.

Although she has always loved writing, she has recently started sharing her work publicly. She was influenced, and encouraged, to do so by her poet/author friends.  She, then, started to gain attention.  She was recently named Poet of the Week by a poetry group. Kim says that rather than writing in a certain style, or about a specific genre, or theme, she writes heartfelt pieces, from her soul.  She is comfortable writing about any genre or subject.  She has not been published.
Kim currently writes for enjoyment and hopes to further her knowledge and audience. She is affiliated with several poetry groups on Facebook.  Kim is a co-administrator for the page, Wonderings of My Mind, and the poetry group, A Poets’ Diary. Kim’s public pieces can be read on her Facebook profile page and on Wonderings of My Mind.

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His Masterpiece

She was a
Smoky, gray image,
Of pencil lines
And charcoal.
A colorless, cloud
Surrounded her.
With each stroke,
Of his paint brush,
On the canvas,
He lovingly added color,
To her achromatic soul.
Crimson, indigo, emerald,
And gold colors,
Gave definition to her form.
With gentle touches,
Of his fingers,
He blended her hard edges,
Into soft tones.
She began to spring forth,
Arising off the canvas.
A beautiful, refreshed soul.
He had brought her
Back to life,
Through his love,
And, she became
His masterpiece.
~ K Lee
Copyright © Kim Schmitz, Wonderings of My Mind, 11/14/2015
Kat Avila Katheryn is a programmer by day, writer by night. A lover of all things supernatural and helpless romantic at heart, she spends most of her writing time coming up with stories that incorporate at least one of the two. So far, she’s only published one book and a few short stories, but she intends to publish more work in the future. She lives with her boyfriend, Eric, and her puppy, Ada.

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