Book Review: Cold Kiss Goodbye by Genevieve Powell

Book Review: Cold Kiss Goodbye by Genevieve Powell
August 11, 2018 No Comments » Book Reviews Kat Avila

Title: Cold Kiss Goodbye
Genre: YA Fantasy
Author: Genevieve Powell
Rating: 4.6

Life is just something seventeen-year-old Samantha Wright tolerates. Ever since a car accident killed Sam’s dad and brother, she’s experienced both a gift for hearing the dead and a serious lack of joy and hope. Meeting Joshua Tan changes that. He’s gorgeous, funny and kind. He’s also dead. As Sam helps him bring peace to his family about his murder, her ghost brings her back to life. Unfortunately, Josh isn’t the only person haunting Sam. His murderer is a terrifying poltergeist. The only way to prevent more killings may be to send both ghosts into their afterlife, no matter how much she needs Josh.

Reviewed by: Stephanie Ayers
Rating: 4 stars


As my first romp with paranormal romance, I was not disappointed. Powell’s engaging writing style kept the suspense coming. I enjoyed the descriptions that helped me escape into the story without being overdone. This is a thoroughly enjoyable read that tugged at the emotions. I found myself laughing out loud at times. The only flaw in this story is that we never really understand why Ethan did what he did, what propelled his anger towards Joshua, Becca, and Brock, or even why he killed himself. My final take away from the book would have been enhanced knowing this. Overall, this was a fast read for me and I enjoyed the ride.

Kat Avila Katheryn is a programmer by day, writer by night. A lover of all things supernatural and helpless romantic at heart, she spends most of her writing time coming up with stories that incorporate at least one of the two. So far, she’s only published one book and a few short stories, but she intends to publish more work in the future. She lives with her boyfriend, Eric, and her puppy, Ada.

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