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Wednesday Words: Pure Love by Archana Kapoor
July 18, 2018 Poetry,Storytime Kat Avila

Pure Love The rumour of your arrival Sets my heart racing I can’t help but wait… With bated breath But how do I know You will be by my side You never allow me The joy of anticipation It’s the air that tells me When it blows so bitter cold The backdrop transforms Grey to

Wednesday Words: Song Lyrics with Eric Keizer
July 11, 2018 Poetry,Storytime Kat Avila

Today’s poetry comes from Eric Keizer! I have written a few songs, and love the idea of my poetry put to music- and that truly is what most song lyrics are. How do songwriters create lyrics? Well, most of the time, they work closely with musicians- or are musicians themselves, but for me, a guy

Wednesday Words: Haikus with Archana Kapoor
July 4, 2018 Poetry,Storytime Kat Avila

Today we discover the art of crafting haikus with esteemed poet Archana Kapoor. Haiku: The Art, Form and Craft My husband and I love going for evening walks by the lake close to our house. Perhaps it has much more to do with the dramatic skies when the season becomes warmer, than the act of

Wednesday Words: Odes with Philip Kent Church
June 27, 2018 Poetry,Storytime Kat Avila

Philip Kent Church considers himself to be an Appalachian/Inspirational writer. Philip’s first love is poetry and writing lyrics, but he also possesses a love for writing history (Appalachian history, especially). He was born, raised, and currently resides in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia! Within his heritage is included his famous/infamous great, great grandfather, “Devil” John Wright, his uncle Martin

Wednesday Words: Free Verse with Eric Draven
June 20, 2018 Poetry,Storytime Kat Avila

Eric “Crow” Draven is the poet who will be sharing a lesson on free verse today. Here’s a brief bio about Mr. Draven: * Performed on ESPN during the NBA All-Star game in Atlanta (Michael Jordan’s last All -Star game) * Award winner author (2014 Poetry Author of the year and Spoken word Artist of the year

Wednesday Words: The Sestina by Sam DeLoach
June 13, 2018 Poetry,Storytime Kat Avila

Today, we are very honored to have esteemed poet, Sam DeLoach, teach us about the Sestina. What is a sestina? The sestina is a rather complex form of poetry that has six stanzas; with each stanza having six lines. There is also a seventh stanza, which is known as an envoy, or tornado. In the

Friday Fiction: Tears of a Sinner by Stephanie Ayers
June 8, 2018 Fiction,Storytime Kat Avila

Today’s short story, Tears of a Sinner, comes from Stephanie Ayers. In an alternate universe, Jackson Bruning is not all he appears (or doesn’t appear) to be. Tears of a Sinner “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a good wife.”

Wednesday Words: The Librarian by David Bankson
June 6, 2018 Poetry,Storytime Kat Avila

Our poem today, The Librarian, comes from David Bankson. It’s easy to see why he’s heralded as a great poet. David is a full-time autodidact with a lifelong passion for poetry, philosophy, and linguistics. His works have been featured online at Thank you for Swallowing, Walking is Still Honest, and Indiana Voice Journal. His greatest influences are

Friday Fiction: A Queen for a King by Mickey McRosh
June 1, 2018 Fiction,Storytime Kat Avila

Today’s Friday Fiction comes courtesy of Mickey McRosh and his flash fiction piece, A Queen for a King. Mickey McRosh is a software engineer by profession and a writer and a hiker by inclination. He is new to writing and has worked on multiple short stories and flash fiction, and has published them on his personal

Wednesday Words: The Difference Between Childhood and Adulthood
May 30, 2018 Poetry,Storytime Kat Avila

Today’s Wednesday Words come courtesy of Grace Pasco in her poem, The Difference Between Childhood and Adulthood. Grace Pasco, a Filipina-Japanese-American poet, has a favorite saying: “so be afraid, then do it anyway.” Her love for performance poetry has only grown since her first open mic with Bangkok Lyrical Lunacy, where she discovered a strong