OWS 12 Days of Indies Day 3

OWS 12 Days of Indies Day 3
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Hello Lovelies,

Welcome to the 3rd day of 12 Days of indies! For those who aren’t familiar with how this works, each day we will have a list of indie books priced $2.99 or less with a brief description and a link to buy. We encourage our readers to buy at least 1 book each day and let us know in the comments which book you think we should buy and review for next year.

We have some cool giveaways for those who participate. Even if you don’t participate every day. Even if all you can do is share the post and not buy, that is ok. Be sure to enter the Rafflecopters each day to be entered for a chance to win. Bloggers will love the lifetime Missinglettr account.

OWS feels very passionately about supporting indie authors which is why we host #OWS12DaysofIndies each year. We appreciate any support you can provide to help share Indie authors with the world.

So, on to the awesome list of offerings for today!

Up first is the fantastic urban fantasy Moss and Clay by Rebekah Jonesy

Moss, clay, and blood–that’s how Gillian began.

A doll, crafted and given a mission by Danu. Given life by human and Fae blood. First daughter of Mab, Queen of the Fae, Gillian must track down the rogue fae in the Americas and bring them back under Fae Law with only a volunteer kelpie to travel with her.

And no one knows what they’re in for. Not even the gods that sent them.
Get the free prequel story here: 

then grab this exciting adventure for only $2.99. And don’t miss out on the adorable merchandise. I absolutely adore the Pitch socks!


Up next we have the crime novel Antiques and Alibis by Wendy H. Jones

Cass Claymore, a red headed, motorbike riding, ex-ballerina inherits a Detective Agency, and accidentally employs an ex-con dwarf and an octogenarian. Hired by a client who should know better, Cass has no leads, no clue and a complete inability to solve a case. Still a girl needs to eat and her highbred client’s offering good money. Join her as, with bungling incompetence, she follows a trail littered with missing antique teddies, hapless crooks, a misplaced Lord of the Realm and dead bodies. Will Cass, and Scotland, survive?



You can grab Antiques and Alibis for only $2.99.


Up next, Devorah Fox delights us with her fantasy tale The Lost King

When all you have owned, everyone you have loved and everything you have done are gone, who are you? King Bewilliam awakens one morning not in his castle but in a cow pasture, inexplicably transformed from a beloved and respected ruler, husband, father, and dragon slayer of renown to a homeless and ragged vagabond. What mysterious bewitching spell so cruelly reversed his fortune? Who had cast it and why? In his quest to uncover and break the curse and regain his kingdom, he journeys to strange lands where he finds adventure, danger, romance… and himself.


Don’t miss out on this exciting adventure for only $1.99 today!



Up next is the Sci-fi dystopian Ji-min from Eric Johannsen

Ji-min is the daughter of peasant farmers in near-future North Korea. She was born with enormous potential in a bleak world unable to nurture her dormant strength. When American-led sanctions crush the hermit kingdom’s economy, she is thrown into conflict with the nation’s elite. Powerless, her life collapses into unthinkable hardship. How can she survive if even good-hearted people have nothing to share?

A mysterious stranger who wields unearthly talents senses the spark smoldering in Ji-min. The stranger’s effort to foster that latent potential is threatened when fate offers Ji-min a chance at revenge, an opportunity that could ruin her.


Snag Ji-min today for only 99¢

And the last offering for today is the contemporary romance The Irish Baker by Malinda Andrews.

When life hands you lemons . . .

You make lemon scones! At least that is the case for Aubriee Harper. After a humiliating break from her fiancé Aubriee loses herself in the orders of baked goods that flood her small Chicago bakery. Life is quiet and routine.

At least until her best friend and business partner Karen gives her a one-way ticket to Ireland with strict orders to take a vacation. Thrust out of her element, will Aubriee be able to find the healing that Karen encourages in the quaint town of Doolin near the Cliffs of Moher?

Local musician and heartthrob Declan O’Tyne spends his days sleeping and his nights performing music. A true lover of women, his heart is transformed after meeting a devastatingly beautiful woman under the full moon one night.

Will he be able to convince Aubriee that she can trust again after her heartbreak?

Dive into this delicious romance for only 99¢
That is all the excitement we have for today.  Look forward to more excitement tomorrow! Which story do you think we should read and review next year? Which one did you pick for #OWS12DaysofIndies2018?
Let us know in the comments below, then be sure to add your entries to the giveaways.
Until next time,
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