OWS 12 Days of Indies Day 4

OWS 12 Days of Indies Day 4
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Hello Lovelies,

Welcome to day 4 of 12 Days of indies! For those who aren’t familiar with how this works, each day we will have a list of indie books priced $2.99 or less with a brief description and a link to buy. We encourage our readers to buy at least 1 book each day and let us know in the comments which book you think we should buy and review for next year.

We have some cool giveaways for those who participate. Even if you don’t participate every day. Even if all you can do is share the post and not buy, that is ok. Be sure to enter the Rafflecopters each day to be entered for a chance to win. Bloggers do not want to miss out on the free Missinglettr account. It’s AMAZING!

OWS feels very passionately about supporting indie authors which is why we host #OWS12DaysofIndies each year. We appreciate any support you can provide to help share Indie authors with the world.

So, on to the awesome list of offerings for today!

Up first is the delightful Fairytale retelling anthology, Glass and Ashes by OWS Ink

“What if Cinderella was a little bit different?”
A different type woman? A different shoe size? A different type of hero? Or maybe a villain? What if she was never even a human?
And our authors answered. Prepare to read Cinderella stories like you’ve never imagined. Stories where Cinderella makes a different choice, where she uses magic instead, or learns that magic won’t give her a happy ending?
“What if?”
It’s something people love to ponder. Now, OWS Ink has asked the question, “What if Cinderella was a little bit different?”
A different type woman? A different shoe size? A different type of hero? Or maybe a villain? What if she was never even a human?
And our authors answered. Prepare to read Cinderella stories like you’ve never imagined. Stories where Cinderella makes a different choice altogether, where she uses magic to make her own happy ending, and somewhere even magic can’t help her avoid her fate.So grab your drink and curl up with our new versions of this classic fairy tale, and of course some fantastic merch! 


Up next we have the thriller Amongst the Killing by Joe Compton

There are 2 sides to every story…

For as long as he could remember Detective Charles Street wanted to be a police officer, moreover a Detective. He wanted to be knee deep in the action, working the biggest cases, and reaping the biggest rewards. He also didn’t think when his dream job came a calling that it would ever turn into his nightmare.

For as long as he could remember Jack Casey just wanted to be free, his own man to do what he pleased when pleased. He too craved the action and when his dream life came a calling, he didn’t think he would meet anyone his equal and definitely didn’t think he could ever have difficulty leave the world he loathed and mocked behind.

Amongst The Killing documents each of their stories, told in their own words, as the moments unfolded when their paths first crossed and their lives intersected. How two men, with two different philosophies, could be so different and yet so connected.

As the ultimate cat and mouse game unfolds, each has to deal separately with the others decisions and the effects it has in turning their lives sideways and upside down. Will one of them crack? Will one of them even succeed? Ultimately the journey may mean more than the game and show both of them the outcome neither was ever expecting.

Get this dark thriller today for only $2.99.

Up next is the dark epic fantasy Ghosts of the Sea Moon by A.F. Stewart.

In the Outer Islands, gods and magic rule the ocean. 
Under the command of Captain Rafe Morrow, the crew of the Celestial Jewel ferry souls to the After World and defend the seas from monsters. Rafe has dedicated his life to protecting the lost, but the tides have shifted and times have changed.

His sister, the Goddess of the Moon, is on a rampage and her creatures are terrorizing the islands. The survival of the living and dead hinge on the courage and cunning of a beleaguered captain and his motley crew of men and ghosts.

What he doesn’t know is that her threat is part of a larger game. That an ancient, black-winged malevolence is using them all as pawns…

Come set sail with ghosts, gods and sea monsters.

Dive into this dark sea adventure today for only 99¢

Up next is the sci-fi  action story Earth to Centauri The First Journey by Kumar L.

A 140-year-old secret throws three planets into chaos!

Tech for the geek. Thrills for the action seeker. Mysteries for the detective. Science for the uninitiated.

The year is 2095. Voyager 1 launched in 1977 with a golden record – someone has found it and is sending a signal back to Earth. With a newly constructed faster-than-light spaceship named Antariksh, and a crew which includes novices like Lt. Manisha, as well as seasoned professionals, including Commander Ryan, Captain Anara reaches the source of the signal at the nearest star to Earth – Proxima Centauri.

Before she can meet with the aliens, Anara must clear obstacles on her own ship, including a recalcitrant Artificial Intelligence and inexplicable radiation, which threatens the safety of the mission. The implications of what they find on planet Proxima B will resonate far beyond this first journey, exposing Earth to dangers on an unimaginable scale. And then Captain Anara finds out its creators buried a secret aboard Voyager 1.

Up next is the murder mystery Swete and Soure Murder by Tim and Kathy Hunt

The old Swete Mansion; It had been home to the Swete family for many years. Legends of murder and treachery have surrounded it for eons.
Mortimer Swete has passed away and eleven unwitting heirs have been assembled on a dark and stormy night to hear the reading of the last will and testament.
The Kansas River rages with the storm and the helpless occupants are trapped in the dark, house of horrors with no phones, no electricity and little chance of escaping with their lives.
Only those who brave the night and live to see the sunrise will inherit a portion of the family fortune. Can private eyes, Dominick and Agnes Magaby find the murderer before all the suspects are dead?
Murder has never been a repeat offender inside this beautiful old mansion…

Get this dark tale for only 99¢



Last but by no means least, we have the paranormal Romance Forgotten Village by Lyssa Medana.

Karen Price suddenly finds herself whisked from a safe, easy office job and a comfortable, if boring, boyfriend into a village where modern day vampires and werewolves roam freely, the vicar is impossibly handsome and she never knows who or what will turn up at the Post Office. And the night she arrives a murder is committed.

‘The Forgotten Village’ is a novel set in the modern day in a picture box English village where vampires and werewolves are openly living and very respectable – until someone tries to challenge the balance of power.

Pluck up this paranormal pleasure for free!

That is all the excitement we have for today.  Look forward to more excitement tomorrow! Which story do you think we should read and review next year? Which one did you pick for #OWS12DaysofIndies2018?
Let us know in the comments below, then be sure to add your entries to the giveaways.
Until next time,
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