OWS 12 Days of Indie Day 6

OWS 12 Days of Indie Day 6
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Hello Lovelies,

Welcome to day 6 of 12 Days of indies! Today is devoted to poetry. If you aren’t a fan of poetry, feel free to purchase from one of the other days but comment today what you purchased to get the entry for the giveaway. For those who aren’t familiar with 12 Days of indie, each day we will have a list of indie books priced $2.99 or less with a brief description and a link to buy. Don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopters for a chance to win.

OWS feels very passionately about supporting indie authors which is why we host #OWS12DaysofIndies each year. We appreciate any support you can provide to help share Indie authors with the world.

So, on to the awesome list of offerings for today!

Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit. The raw force of these elements is truly phenomenal, but can these extraordinary poets harness their power?

What happens when you give poets an open call to write about the elements? You get a diverse array of poems that touch on everything from loss to the celebration of life, passion, and long lost memories, to the feeling of being at home in a storm. Though each poet wrote about these same five elements, each tapped into different themes and emotions, creating a well-rounded anthology that has something to offer to everyone.

From the lyrical to the concise, from odes of joy to the desolation of war, you’ll find your next favorite poem in these pages.

OWS Ink Anthology collection brings you themed poetry from the brilliant minds of J.K. Allen, A.F. Stewart, Dorothy Tinker, Anna Schoenbac, Ed Ahern, Janet McCann, Ynes Malakova, Karla Linn Merrifield, Kerry E.B. Black, Matt Wilson, and Stacy Overby.

Grab your favorite brew and settle in to explore Primal Elements today for only $2.99.


Up next we have the Ambrosia Anthology, all royalties go to support the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Adult Content
Delight in the nectar of the gods. Feed your mind with Ambrosia
Whispers to the gods are like honey from a poet’s lips. When several poets raise their voices together, it’s a sacred feast of memories and dreams. Poetry is divine food for the soul, full of emotion and celestial feeling. Join us in our longing, our pain and passion, heartache, logic and insanity, fear, faith, confusion, hope, unity, solitude, daily life, political strife, and more.

From the creative minds of:
Eric Keizer, A.L. Mabry, Sam DeLoach, Alyssa Trivett, Mello Sakia, Stacy Overby, Phillip Matthew Roberts, Veronica Falletta and Stephanie Ayers.

Alight into Ambrosia for only $2.99 today.


Up next is Sam DeLoach’s The Colors We Render.

Stories-in-poetry forged by the socially conscious poet.
The Colors We Render is a collection of stories-in-poetry created by a great American poet, inviting the reader into the mind of the characters each poem represents. Meet Marcus, a kid from the wrong side of town, Tommy who suffers from abuse, the Girl sold into slavery, the Young Pupil, and many more. Climb aboard the ship. Let’s set sail, together, on a voyage full of adventures found in many port of calls.
Climb into the Colors We Render  for only $2.99 today!

Up next is the fae based poetry collection Scath Oran from Stacy Overby.

The Wee Folk. The Fae. Fairies.

Whatever you may call them, they have whispered secrets in this collection of poetry plucked from the halls of Tír na nÓg. But, be forewarned, not all is as it seems on a journey through the shining realm. Come, take a step into the fairy ring as songs of the Fae drift on the damp night air.


Slip away with Scath Oran for only $1.99 today and don’t miss out on this cute merch.




We also have Chicago-based poet Eric Keizer with his collection Urban Mythology.

In this poetry collection, Eric Keizer shares how the places in and the people of Chicago inspired him as he grew up and left lasting memories in his mind and on his heart.
(Taken from Sunday)

…And Sunday,
mythical nurturer,
broadly casts
redemption, revolution,
Sowing weed seed,
in broken glass
and fried fish restaurants.

Eric Keizer, in his first poetry chapbook Urban Mythologies, documents the places in, and the people of, Chicago who have made lasting impressions on his life. He celebrates the commonalities all Chicagoans share, while tying Classics to modern life in the urban landscape, as viewed through his unique perspective.

Explore Chicago in Urban Mythology for only $1.99 today!
And our final poetry offering today is No Safety By TG Martin

Adult Content
Syllabic gestures and punctuation of measures, professing and inventing new pacing, like the dark jazz from the other side of the looking glass. A poetry collection from a debut author that moves like music in a modern setting of the darker slice of life.
Something about the raw, argumentative commentary of Charles Bukowski and the surprise of Shel Silverstein, suddenly discovering a new alleyway in a city they’ve know for decades. That feeling of familiarity within newness seems the impetus driving the passion of these pieces.

No Safety* delivers on the title’s promise. Martin plumbs the depths of human emotion boldly, yet accessibly, conveying his experiences on the darker side of life. These works are exciting and fresh. Martin is unafraid to confront his demons in his honest and introspective premier.

*Not intended for ages under 18.

Take the risk with No Safety for only $1.99 today.
 Look forward to more exciting books on sale tomorrow! Which story do you think we should read and review next year? Which one did you pick for #OWS12DaysofIndies2018?
Let us know in the comments below, then be sure to add your entries to the giveaways.
Until next time,
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