Wednesday Words: The Divine Comedy by Robert Cano

Wednesday Words: The Divine Comedy by Robert Cano
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Welcome to Wednesday Words, where each week we’ll dazzle you with words from a variety of poets! This week’s poem comes from Robert Cano, one of the contributors to our Feminine Flower poetry submissions.

A writer or a storyteller? A poet? An artist who has chosen to paint with words, Robert Cano began a journey some years ago which has finally culminated in him finding himself in a position to see the journey gain momentum. Having spent many years studying the art of the written word, he now seeks to share his worlds and mind with the world.

The Divine Comedy

His head rests upon her supple bosom,
He reigns as land, and meets his flowing queen,
Where she breaks herself on unforgiving shores
Eroding his tortured cliffs, sorrowed leas.
The grass recedes, trees fall into her kiss,
In silence, she slowly unmasks his soul,
Found whole, embraces her loving abyss.
Bereft of sea’s touch the land suffers, consoled
By nothing, the divine comedy mocking.
The day their perfection is ripped from grasp
Her sorrows reach with falling tears from clouds, dark
And weak he lies, seeking only to ask
The moon her leave to return to Love’s conceit,
Where dawn rises, and each is made complete.

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