Wednesday Words: A slim, polished newness by Annette Gagliardi

Wednesday Words: A slim, polished newness by Annette Gagliardi
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Welcome to Wednesday Words, where each week we’ll dazzle you with words from a variety of poets! This week’s poem comes from Annette Gagliardi, and her contribution to our Feminine Flower poetry submissions.

Annette has been writing poetry since the early 1980’s and has published in various magazines and area newspapers, placed in national contests (Eber & Wein 2cd & 3rd place) and three Minnesota state poetry contests (Cracked Walnut – 3rd place, Steven’s Family Award – 2cd place,& Poet’s Pot luck – Honorable Mention). In addition, she has worked in over forty anthologies dating since 1983.

In addition, Annette reads her work around town where they accept poets.  She is the visiting author at Kenny Elementary School in Minneapolis where she teaches fifth graders all year and creates their poetry anthology for culmination of their work together. She belongs to the Minnesota League of Poets.

A slim, polished newness

It’s raining while I grieve

as if the end is only moments away.


Oh little drops, I dismay

at your constancy – steady

in a way that only begins to tell –

to whisper in the rain –


The end is near and articulates

how vast the universe .


It rains while disdain changes to regret

and slides on down, slides on down;

it rains and the morose, listless me

fades to washed-out loneliness.


The roaring thunder shouts the rain

away from the crowded streets


and meets me, running

down my cheeks, soaking,

drenching, seeping into pores

and cleaning my gutters to


a slim, polished newness.

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  1. one Comment

    Annette Gagliardi

    Nice job. thank you for showcasing my work.


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