Character: Tiago (Chthonian Guardian Trilogy)

Character: Tiago (Chthonian Guardian Trilogy)
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Tiago is one of the antagonists we journey with through Amanda Hester’s Chthonian Guardian series. His role is a complicated, complex one although he doesn’t realize it. In Soul Purge, Tiago sets off with very distinct plans which never seem to pan out quite right. Will this broken soul seek the ultimate revenge or will he walk a road of redemption? Only time will tell.

  1. What would you say is your best physical attribute?

A lot of people have said my eyes are quite mesmerizing *snicker* but, personally, I would say my hands. My hands assist me in everything from survival to…pleasure. *wink*

(Oh my goodness! Did he just wink at me??)

**Clearing my throat**

  1. How much have your parents influenced who you have become?

Well, I did get me blood thirst from them…other than that, nothing I suppose. Left me to be raised by the Queen’s court while they remained on Guardian duty. I was groomed to be a consort to the Queen, a position I held fast for many centuries. Once I met DeeAnn, my anam cara, I no longer warmed her majesty’s bed.

  1. Often people are able to identify with a quote, or there is a quote that effectively sums up their beliefs. Is there any such quote for you?

Our Queen has often said, “Love is a weakness, no good comes of it.” So far I have found no proof to the contrary.

  1. Who is this darling little creature hiding behind you? Is she with you often?

Oh, this little beauty? This is Maeve; I think she is a brownie. She came runnin’ through the woods with a piece bread she stole from some brute an’ he was hell-bent on getting it back. I didn’t really set out to save her… I was trying to take a nap and she was making quite a ruckus. So, I set her straight about it and she tricked me into keeping her by my side. She’s a wee bit shy with strangers though she’ll often talk my head off.

  1. When you turned around I couldn’t help but notice the scar that runs down your back. Do you care to share with us how that happened?

Like my parents, I am a Guardian. My charge, Emilia, has always been a bit…hard headed. She’s a wee lass but always set on doing things her own way. One evening she insisted on picking some herbs herself, to help a healer. I stayed right with her but we were ambushed by some vile creatures. That scar was the result of a poisonous talon that left me nearly paralyzed. I had only enough strength to kill my charge.

  1. Wait…you killed the young lady you were supposed to protect?

There are worse fates than death. Had this creature gotten its vile hands on my charge it would have proven unfortunate for all of us. Can we change the subject, love?

  1. Certainly, um…Everyone seems to have that one thing they fear…you strike me as a brave man but is there anything that worries you?

Losing my anam cara. She is my promise of Transcendence. I cannae leave this world without her because she is the completion of my soul.

  1. What is Transcendence, exactly?

You humans call it “Heaven.” It is where our souls finally get to rest in continuous joy once they have reached complete growth. Every soul lives, dies, and lives again until every lesson has been learned and absolute radiance has been achieved. Our Queen spends much of her life observing the souls and placing them appropriately.

  1. Do you normally kill people?

No. Well, not usually. Only sometimes…if they deserve it. Really it is our job to keep the humans safe from…other creatures…but sometimes the humans are their own worst enemies.

  1. Are you a vampire, witch or ware?


  1. I meant, which of these are you?

All of them. None of them. I am a Chthonian.

Well, there you have it, folks! A sneak peek at one of our beloved Chthonian Guardians. I wonder how much his next interview will differ from today’s? We will check back with him prior to book two!

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