Wednesday Words: Weeding in the Summertime by Anna Schoenbach

Wednesday Words: Weeding in the Summertime by Anna Schoenbach
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Previously published in the OWS “Primal Elements,” anthology, Anna Schoenbach continues trying to capture even just a little bit of the awesome and overwhelming power of the natural world in her writing. She currently freelances as a science and medical writer and speechwriter who is up for any challenge from any client. She doesn’t let that work, however, stop her from writing poetry, short stories, and expanding her creative horizons too.

Weeding in the Summertime

She is on her knees in the blazing sun,
she doesn’t ask for help.
She digs away weeds barehanded, without
even a water bottle at her side.

Her pale skin singes in the sun,
her pale hair glows.
Inching down the path, she leaves a trail
of desiccated plantstuff behind her.

This being of the weekend mornings,
bright and intense like the sun,
My mother,
queen of her garden.

Her plants don’t always live,
but sometimes they bloom.
Thriving under her care,
in her own way.

She does not ask for help,
even when I try to give it.
It’s her garden, her place,
where she can control everything.

It is her garden,
where success
and failure
is the result of good hard honest work.

No one can tell her
that she is doing things wrong.
No one can keep her
from her garden over something foolish.

No one can ruin her garden
with their incompetence.
Only she needs to tend it,
and in the Spring she sees the results of her work.

A blossoming sea
of yellow and white,
a place worthy of home.

She goes inside at noon and, tired,
drinks a glass of ice coffee.
She looks over what she has wrought,
and sighs in satisfaction.

She looks over what she has grown,
and it is good.
A place worth coming home to,
that she made with her own hands.

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