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OWS Ink LLC is committed to helping authors reach readers and helping readers find fantastic books. Our review team is growing every day and our book database includes titles in many genres from various publishers and independent authors. Many authors depend on book reviews to help readers find them. When you read a book and you love it (or even if you don’t) one of the best things you can do for that author is to share your review. Amazon and Goodreads are the most common places we look for reviews though there are others.

“If I like a book, I tend to read the author’s entire collection. But I choose mainly through personal recommendations, general word of mouth and book reviews.~Randa Abdel-Fattah”

If you would like to join our read to review group, please join OWS Bookshelf. Every month we post a list of four books in four different genres. You can pick whichever book appeals to you. If there is more than one book you would like to read, simply finish the first book and take a screenshot of your review posted on a review site so you can check out the next book. Read as many or as few as you want. Every month we get new books to offer you.

If you would like to review 1 book a month and have your review published on the blog, please join our team by filling out

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You will always be notified of books available in your preferred genres and you are welcome to accept or decline any that we offer.

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